Thursday, June 08, 2006

Still sick and in bed. Getting really bored of bei...

Still sick and in bed. Getting really bored of being sick and in bed now, thank you.

I just got an email form my publisher to say that I came in at #21 on the Book Magazine list of "Greatest Living British Authors". I would have been a write-in candidate, as my name isn't actually on the list of names you could click on to vote at I feel and I think that that lists like this are deeply silly on all kinds of levels, but was incredibly touched that so many people must have bothered to write me in. So thank you, to all of you who did.

Speaking of Greatest Living British Authors, over at Suicide Girls there's an interview with the great and hairy Alan Moore ( and also one with his fiancee, the nowhere-near-as-hairy-but-far-more-lovely Melinda Gebbie (, which read together form a wonderful portrait of their romantic and sexual relationship, one that began around the creation of their pornographic graphic novel, Lost Girls. (Oddly enough, I'd more or less forgotten that I'd been the matchmaker, or at least the person who made sure that Alan met Melinda, until I read their interviews, and then it all came back...)

Incidentally, once the 400 word Publisher's Weekly review I did of Lost Girls comes out, I'll post the 900 word version I did here on the blog.

(Edited to add -- normally pressing Publish instead of Save as Draft wouldn't matter, but I chose the millisecond to do it that Blogger went down for maintainance, which is why I didn't give this a proper title. In case you were wondering.)