Friday, October 29, 2004

A Short Film About John Bolton

New Video just sent me the cover of "A Short Film About John Bolton", which they'll be releasing later this year, and which you can pre-order with any of the usual suspects. I suspect that, like their release of the BBC Neverwhere on DVD, it will be Region Free, but won't know it for sure until it comes out.

It has on it:

"A Short Film About John Bolton", the short film I wrote and directed (it's half an hour long) in late 2002, starring John O' Mahoney, Marcus Brigstocke, Carolyn Backhouse, Jonathan Ross, and of course, artist John Bolton.

(It's an investigation into where artists get their ideas from.)

"Live at the Aladdin", the hour-long film of the "Last Angel Tour" reading/event at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland in October 2000, only previously available on video through the CBLDF.

"Drawn in Darkness", an audio track, of me reading the story that inspired the film.

Many lovely John Bolton paintings.

Marcus Brigstocke and I doing a commentary on the film, and Marcus interviewing me about it.

As I said, you can preorder it from anywhere that sells DVDs (although, as I think I mentioned last week, the cheapest I've found it is $16.17 at

It was shown at Angouleme in 2003, and at San Diego in the Summer of 2003, and will be shown at Fiddler's Green in a couple of weeks. But this is its first chance to get out into the world.

There. End of commercial.