Friday, August 15, 2003

Fair and Balanced. Well, fair anyway.

First of all, thank you for linking to the Victorian Sex Cry generator on my site. I'm flattered, and will continue to be so even after I get home and see what sort of ravenous beast my bandwidth has become.

However, you may wish to add the disclaimer that is indeed an adult site, if a frivolous one, with nekkid pictures and whatnot. Dunno how you customarily handle such things, the only adult site I've seen you link to in recent times was, which is almost too classy to need a disclaimer...

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Should you ever feel the need for a book of silly sex stories, I'd be honored to send you a copy of mine.

Chris Bridges

Good point. I meant to, but forgot. People should consider themselves properly warned...


Lots more phone calls and e-mails about 1602 #1. Mark Askwith made a sensible suggestion -- that if your local comic store is sold out, you may want to call or e-mail stores on the US East Coast - Toronto sort of area, many of which have simply had to lock their doors since the power blackouts started, and which haven't been able to sell anything to anyone.

Please don't ask me for them. I don't have any.

So far, one retailer has asked me to please ask Marvel to go back to press on it. (I really don't think they do that any longer.)


I am a writer that runs a daily humor/blog site called and (I changed my name to Brian Lewandowski just so I could get that URL.)

Anyway, I am doing something I call "Five for the Famous." Basically, I send 5 questions, serious or funny, to famous folks and let them respond via email. I post it. I get the glory.

Are you interested in being "a famous person?"

Brian Lewandowski

I'm afraid not. The same goes right now for every other comics/chat/humour/SF site that's asked me to answer five or ten questions. I know that answering five questions isn't a very long thing to do. But when you multiply it by the number of sites who've asked, I could spend several days just writing answers for people's websites...

So it gets easier to say no to everyone.

Hullo! It seems you prefer to handwrite a lot of your ideas, so you need a good notebook right? Well here's a few questions about your notebook habits- do you have a different notebook for each thing you're working on at the time? (Does this mean carrying several?) and where do you get a good notebook from? I've recently filled one and nowhere can I find a cheap, narrow lined and well stocked notebook... I know this all seems a little strange and maybe inane but notebooks are very important when it comes to being a writer... (or at least someone who is making a firm attempt at being one, in my case)

I tend to mostly use Moleskines for carrying around with me (they aren't cheap, but they are nice objects, with covers strong enough to use to use as a writing surface, and they fit into pockets) and big cheap old things for writing stories in -- I like to be able to see enough at one time that something feels like a page. And I tend not to use lined paper, just because I tend not to. (Dream Hunters was written on lined paper, in a notebook I bought in a posh paper shop in Venice, and I felt almost guilty soiling it.)

When I'm novel-writing, the novel tends to be the only thing in the notebook. Otherwise, once I've written a short story or something there's still plenty of space, and I'll use it.

The best advice I can give is try different notebooks and see what you like. I tend to swoop on art supply shops in the process of going out of business, or on big chain bookstores having their sales, and just load up on things with lots of blank paper in them.


The Writer's Guild is looking for suggestions in the trademark area, to help in the Al Franken- Fox news "fair and balanced" suit.

In with the various comments and suggestions of book titles which use trademarks is the rather wonderful statement from a twit:

The Authors Guild has lost its sense of humor. Fox News is transparently bringing this lawsuit claiming infringement of its proprietary "fair and balanced" as a publicity stunt. Brothers and sisters, lighten up! Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D.

which suggests that, at least in someone's mind, it's perfectly reasonable for a large corporation frivolously to sue an individual author (said suit requiring the expenditure, by the sued author, of obscene amounts of money on lawyers, and taking up the time of an overstretched judicial system) in order to bring itself publicity. And that the Author's Guild shouldn't attempt to defend their author (along with the right to use allegedly trademarked phrases in book titles), but should instead take a "Boys will be boys" and "that Rupert Murdoch, what a loveable scamp he is" sort of position on it instead. Oddly enough, or perhaps not so, the twit in question appears to be a lawyer.

Finally, a message from Jill Thompson:

Dear All,

The Scary Godmother dvd is available for preorder at It goes on sale September 2nd. That's ca for canada, not com. It's all region 1 so the dvd will work in our dvd players.

Please help spread the word, or get a copy for yourself. I thought I was going to have to go to everyone's house, one at a time, to show it myself. Still no broadcast date for the US, but at least people can get a copy.