Tuesday, May 27, 2003

A blog with a footnote.

It has been brought to my attention by someone who doesn't want me to post his or her name or even initials that over at Suicide Girls (chat and semiporn by real people for other real people) Dan Epstein seem to be interviewing lots of people I've been working with -- Henry Selick talks about his Coraline plans at while Roger Avary talks about Beowulf at Lots of other enjoyable interviews, and the rest of the site looks, um, interesting.

My favourite quote from Roger, about the DVD of his film Rules of Attraction:

It's great because I designed the DVD. On the new DVD we got Carrot Top to do a commentary track. I know that sounds like a major disappointment to most of my Goth fans. To me it's the ultimate way to understand what people were thinking in the Midwest when they wandered into this movie. I don't know Carrot Top at all. I'm not even a fan of Carrot Top.

...Carrot Top had never seen Rules of Attraction or even knew anything about it. I just put him down in front of it and recorded his stream of consciousness as he watched it. Its one of the most hilarious things I've ever heard because he thinks he's going to see Road Trip or at most American Psycho. He sits down, watches it and to watch the way his thought patterns work to me was the greatest gift of all time. It will be the ultimate dorm room companion. It completely defuses any pretension I may have as a filmmaker. There's nothing anyone can say to me about this movie that Carrot Top hasn't perfectly matched. If you take your work too seriously then you're setting yourself for disappointment.

(Which seems every bit as brave and strange as Chris Morris on the BRASS EYE DVD getting a bunch of homeless drug addicts to do the commentary on their Drugs episode.)

Let's see...

Dear Neil,
I wasn't able to be in Warsaw during your promotion tour for
"Coraline". I really wanted to be there, though I don't live in Warsaw and I didn't make it on time. It meant a lot to me, because I had just bought "Coraline" and I'd like to give it to my cousin for her thirteenth birthday. Therefore I've got a question: could I send you the book (to at the address DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis, MN) and get a dedication? I'd like to propose: "For Martha at her 13th birthday." I'd be really glad and thankfull.


Sure. There are things called International Reply Coupons you can get, which you should be able to get from any post office, which are the equivalent of stamps in the country you are sending them to. Enclose the price of sending it back as well, so DreamHaven doesn't have to bear the cost of posting it back to you. (And Polish stamps -- like English or Canadian or Hungarian -- won't work in an American Post Office.)

Dear Neil,

this isn't really a question, and i'm sure you've been sent this before, but just in case. I love the Origami Boulder website. Cracks me up every time.
Thanks for hours and hours of enjoyment from your books

I hadn't seen it before. And I thought it was genuinely funny. Er, artistic.


Is MirrorMask (or Mirror-Mask or Mirrow Mask.... ) going to be a theatrically released affair or is it going straigh to video?

The IMDB has an ominous "(V)" next to the title that indicated direct-to-video, but seeing as who's involved (The esteemed Mr. McKean and yourself) that seems a shame if true...


We'll see. Dave is making it for relatively very little money (probably a bit less than the complete Cannes entertainment, air-travel and hotel bill for The Matrix Reloaded). On the other hand, what he's already proved himself able to do with very little money is unbelievable. If the interest is there then when it's ready it may well get a theatrical launch, if only to draw attention to the DVD release. (See the Roger Avary interview that's linked above.)

If I were a betting person, I'd bet on it getting into at least a few cinemas: after that what happens depends on whether people like it.

Dave will be shooting the live action footage in June and July, then for the next 10 months or so doing the animations that make up most of the film. I'm going to have to go back to the UK for a few days at the end of the month to be filmed for the DVD, so am hoping to take Holly and Maddy with me.

Hey Neil,
I've been reading your journal from day one, and though I probably missed some in the past I now read it daily (I even post a question or a remark from time to time).
Funny thing happened to me just now - for the last 15 minutes Iv'e been sitting and reading your journal, wondering how you could have written so much today (since I'm not getting to the stuff I read yesterday), and wondering why ther'es so much about Coraline in it just now.
Only then do I read the entrie's dates - somewhere in 2002... I've been reading an archive link that was in my history (since I googled it up couple of days ago) and didn't even notice it! I've actually read all this stuff before, and it was still interesting.

just wanted you to know.

one of the entries talked about an audio CD with you reading stories in it (like Warning:Contains language). what ever happened to that?

The first new audio CD is called TELLING TALES and it should come out in a few months' time -- it stalled for a while when the artist who was meant to be designing it and doing the cover stopped returning phone calls, but eventually we got a new artist, and A few weeks ago I wrote liner notes and a brand new "please don't copy this CD"* thingie, and the package should all be ready very soon. It'll be a single CD with another to follow 6 months later...

* It says We know how tempting it is to copy this for all of your friends. But please don't. People who post CD tracks online or burn copies of spoken word CDs put out by small bookshops in Minnesota more or less as a public service because nobody is really making any money here have been scientifically proven to go on to worser crimes such as arson, pillage, murder and non-payment of parking tickets. Inevitably they wind up imprisoned, institutionalised, or banished to small islands in the South Atlantic. We at DreamHaven love you, in a warm, very personal and slightly disturbing way. We wouldn't want to see bad things happen to you in later life. Send people to the or the websites, and tell them to buy their own. We thank you.