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Sunday, June 04, 2006

sunday morning again...

Working hard right now, but the last few weeks of travel seems to be taking its toll -- mostly right now I want to sleep, and my throat feels sort of painful, although it could be a side-effect of the vaccinations the other day, or just accumulated jet-lag (I was asleep by 9.00pm last night).

So it's time to close a bunch of tabs...

Lisa Snellings talks about the convention and some of my favourite things over at

Over at Comic Book Resources they show side by side an example of the old colouring side by side with the new ABSOLUTE SANDMAN recolouring and reproduction....

(Leaving aside the crispness of the reproduction here, one thing that's impressed me over and over as we've worked on ABSOLUTE SANDMAN is the number of places where what seemed like poor storytelling on an artist's part turned out to make perfect sense once the colouring was fixed. Danny Vozzo coloured 80% of Sandman anyway, so he's fixing Preludes and Nocturnes and two issues of Dream Country. In addition to the first 21 issues, we're also reprinting the thumbnails, script and pencils for Sandman #19, "Midsummer Night's Dream". And there will eventually be a box-case large enough to hold all four volumes of Absolute Sandman.)

Here's a little article about Stardust filming on location in Norwich. (And I hear rumours that two of the dead princes will be played by half of Little Britain and half of The Mighty Boosh, respectively. I'll leave it to you to wonder which half of each.)

The Slingbox has been released in the UK. So if I got a UK Slingbox and plugged it into say a relative's broadband and TV box, could I legally watch UK TV anywhere in the world? Could I if I bought a separate TV license? (A little article at the Stage blog.) And then once I'd pondered that, I started fantasising about a warehouse filled with hard disks and Slingboxes and connections and immediate access to ALL THE TV IN THE WORLD... And, of course, in reality I don't watch much TV. But I love the idea of being able to do it if I want to...

JaNell Golden has made a page about me at Squidoo (, for which she seems to have dug up a remarkable number of obscure things, including a video interview with Tori about me, and many other cool oddments.
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