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Monday, September 12, 2005

Tour info: Toronto, Boston, CBGBs...

As we head into tour season, expect lots of small, bitty, tour-related posts, like this one...

The CBGBs reading next Sunday is definitely happening -- shows the poster, and has the details you need if you want to come. I'll be reading for somewhere between 20 and 40 minutes - probably the new short story...

The Toronto signing, October 8th 05 -- I was incredibly uncomfortable with the idea of Harper Canada charging $15 for a ticket to the reading for people who weren't going to be allowed to get a signature. It seemed very wrong. Initially we were told it couldn't be changed because they only had the space for a limited time, but that seems to have been fixed, so I've been assured that if you come along to the Toronto event, you'll get your books signed. The Learning Annex website doesn't yet reflect this, but that's what I've been promised, so if you want to come along, then sign up here. Seats are still limited to 750ish, and when they're gone they're gone.

The Cambridge MA signing, Friday September 23rd is sold out, and they aren't doing a waiting list. I've received conflicting reports on whether people who show up on the night, on the offchance, will be able to get any empty seats or not, but it's always worth a try if you're in the area (people always get flu, lose their babysitters, or get taken by aliens).


Hi Neil, I was just curious about those new Headline editions of your books you showed on the 7/21 post and said they would be out when Anansi Boys is out. Will those be available from Amazon? Thanks.

Headline's a UK publisher, so the books will be available through, along with the other UK book sites, or at Hodder Headline's own site, where you can order the books directly, as far as I can see, on or after September the 19th.

Neil, Sorry if you answered this before. But I missed it. What are the times for the NYC events coming in a week or two? I've seen mention of them happening but no times. TIA.

For this and for everything like it, just go to the WHERE'S NEIL area of the website,, which will take you in to the WHERE'S NEIL blog, which tells you everything I know about where I'll be when. The current US and Canada info is here. The Current UK info (much sparser) and Irish info (very sparse indeed, it doesn't even say that it'll be the 15th or the 16th of November in Dublin, although it will)is here.

If you can't see the information you need about the tour at Where's Neil, call the book shop.


The Louisiana Book Festival has, not unexpectedly, been put off until March. March is, for some reason, when everyone needs me to be places next year, and I'm not certain if I'll be able to go to the Book Festival at this point. I hope I can.
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