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Monday, November 03, 2003

What has it got in its pocketses?

I was given my birthday present early, because I leave for England before my birthday. It's a 40 G iPod, and I can put lots of old radio, and lots of music on it, and have it while I'm travelling and writing. It's obscenely thin, and amazingly sharp-looking, and I should have time to stick all the stuff I need to put on it on it before I leave. I've just made a complete mess of ordering an iSkin for it, so will go to another computer and try again.


Over at Sequential Tart they've posted an interview with me -- thirteen questions -- which I typed in a hotel room in Finland, during the last tour. It's a really fun interview which made me empty out my pockets on the hotel room bed, and take stock...

And there's an interview up at, where they gave me ten questions, and I answered them. I actually got to look at the list of submitted questions this morning as well, and there were a lot of interesting ones it's almost a shame that I didn't get to do as well. But time is finite, and I was pretty late getting the ten I did do back to them... You can read them at

And I clipped Fred the Cat's claws today, and discovered while I was doing it that he has two cat-thumbs on each hand, which explains how he keeps stealing my glasses, watch, and so on (I'd assumed he picked them up with his mouth, and, I learned watching him today, I was wrong). An idle websearch for polydaktyl cats gave me a fascinating page on the subject...

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