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Monday, July 21, 2003

Preserve Us from the House of Clocks...

I've loved watching the way that the House of Clocks website has sprung from a reading at MIT I did (with Harlan Ellison and Peter David in October 2001) of extracts from the "Walking Tour of the Shambles" book I wrote with Gene Wolfe, into a fully-functional place of astonishingly fine, mordant, and delightfully maddening clock-lore, created by dozens of diverse hands. The wonderful webmistress (clockmistress?) Johanna just dropped me a message to tell me that the Exhibits section has now started to be catalogued -- and is ready to give the guestbook a run for its money as the coolest part of the site.

Interesting article on some Googleproblems at -- although talking to my Google Mole at Comic-Con, I think I've found out why Google has problems with this site: it only checks the first so-many words of a website, and the journal archives here are simply longer than Google checks. We may split the archives up into smaller lumps, then, in order to make them properly searchable.

And, seeing it's been ages since I've linked to one of those faintly dirty, amusing and also enlightening scientific news items, you may not yet have learned that, according to the New Scientist, masturbation may protect men from prostate cancer. ...if the finding is confirmed, future health advice from doctors may no longer be restricted to diet and exercise, it finishes, drily.


Anyway. Not at the con any longer. Woke from dreams this morning in which thousands and thousands of people were crashing like waves on the shore, and I was meant to sign things for all of them...
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