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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Happy Birthday Holly. Also Comic-con....

Hi Neil - Not a question for you, but for Dave McKean when he will be at San Diego (which I am SO excited for!! I can't wait to meet you both...well, I met you at the American Gods signing in NYC at the World Trade Center...anyway, I'm rambling.) My question(s) is/are as follows: Will Dave be doing sketches/paintings/etc for fans? How much will he be charging for such, if anything? Will there be a limited number of paintings/sketches he'll be doing due to (I'm sure) large demand for his work?

I just want to be prepared ahead of time, and make sure there's enough money in my wallet and/or checking account!!!
See you in San Diego

Hi Beth -- see you at the San Diego Comic Con. I think it's very, very unlikely that Dave will be doing sketches. He stopped doing sketches some years ago, mostly because they tended not to come up to his standards, I think. (I may be misinterpreting his motives.) If you're interested in having Dave draw something, or buying something he's already drawn, you could start by contacting his art agent Allen Spiegel at -- Allen also has some wonderful books and CDs by Dave and many other excellent artists for sale through his website. (Recently a cache of Mister Punch posters signed by Dave and me was discovered, and I think Allen has some of those.)

Dave and I will be on the MirrorMask panel on Friday afternoon at Comic-con, and having a Neil And Dave talk about Stuff panel on Sunday Morning.

(I've arranged it so that I'll be doing a signing each day, and at least a panel each day. I'll put a full, finalised schedule up over the next couple of days...)

LiveJournal is being very mysterious: it's once again not syndicated anything from here for days, and now it's suddenly splurted out several days of posts at once...

My apologies to any of the people who are subscribed to officialgaiman. We're trying to sort it out, honest.


There was something else important in the post-that-vanished, which I should repeat here. Happy 18th birthday to the very wonderful Holly Gaiman....
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