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Saturday, November 09, 2002

Not a question, an answer!
I pointed out the Furball blog entry to Chaz Brenchley (fine writer and proud possession of two cats) - he replies:
Of course Furball can climb mirrors, what's all the fuss about? He and his reflection just grab on together, and they act as counterweights for each other, on either side of the plane. Equal and opposite forces: they can't fall. D'you think this is why cats are always so concerned with their image? In case the necessity arises, that they have to lean on 'em?
So now we know!


And before anyone starts even beginning to mutter that this may not be a proper scientific explanation because it comes from an author of fiction, remember that Poe, in his universally derided prose poem "Eureka" ("''makes no deep impression . . . because we are aware of Poe's lack of qualification in philosophy, theology or natural science" T. S. Eliot) predicted the Big Bang and large chunks of contemporary cosmology. (


Trying to wrap up life before going to London to make short film. Spent much of last night looking at pictures of models, trying to pick the ones I want for the final sequence.


There's a terrific review of TWO PLAYS FOR VOICES up at The Green Man Review. Go to their what's new page at to read about that and everything else in books and music they're reviewing...


Coraline's on the 2002 Editor's Picks list
and on the Barnes and Noble Holiday Gift Guide


1602 chapter 3 is misbehaving. Dammit.
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