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Sunday, June 02, 2002

Went to the Jungle Theatre's terrific saturday matinee season -- actor Wendy Lehr as "Mrs Peterson" reading to an audience of kids and adults, from a number of books, one of which was The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish. I got up and answered some questions on it. Much fun had by all... Met Collette Morgan from The Wild Rumpus Bookstore, and she told me she had loved Coraline, which made me happy.

The mail brought the audio cassette version of Coraline. It's only two cassettes, which makes it nice and straightforward. It doesn't have all the cool design stuff and Dave McKean art that the audio CD does (I was really impressed by the CD). I was fascinated by the message on the cassettes themselves that Coraline was "written and performed by the author". I knew what they meant, of course, but the "written by... the author" still seemed a bit superfluous.

Something is a bit odd on the FAQs -- perfectly readable in Opera, but they were invisible when I looked at the page in Explorer. (Working fine again now. Probably just a blogger hiccup.)

And in the UK, it's the Queen's Golden Jubilee, and a few people have asked me about the Silver Jubilee, and what I was doing 25 years ago. Let's see: I was a 16 year old punk. There's photographic evidence in the back of Sandman: The Kindly Ones (also in the photo, Geoff Notkin, Graham K. Smith and Al argh I've forgotten Al's last name). (Geoff can be found these days at, and is not, as our headmaster was convinced he would be, in prison somewhere in South London awaiting the return of the Death Penalty.)
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