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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Having a very computery bad day. Typing this on the Libretto, which I pulled out of mothballs, while I find out whether scandisk can fix the Dell notebook's hard drive. Slowly the drive head graunches and whirrs its way across the disk marking and getting data off the bad sectors. Which wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to head out, with Maddy, to San Francisco first thing tomorrow, for the reading. (I thought, how many times in my life am I going to do something I can actually bring an almost-8-year old daughter to, that she'll be interested in?) Meanwhile the libretto isn't set up to get e-mail or anything useful, and the introductions, articles and stories I should have been working on are all on the Dell....

Oh, I nearly forgot. Long chat today with Michael Zulli, who has recently managed to retrieve all the SWEENEY TODD posters. This is a poster he painted almost decade ago, to accompany the series we began in Taboo. Five colour, printed on art-quality stock. There were some that were signed by both of us, and there were others that were unsigned, and he now has them all. (I'm not sure what will happen with Sweeney, really. We may finish it as a From Hell sized comic, or I might write it as a novel and ask Michael to illustrate each chapter, or something else might happen.) But the posters exist, and are beautiful objects, last seen selling for $100 each at a New York gallery. Michael needs the space back and isn't sure what to do with them, and I told him that I'd mention it here, and that if people were interested I'd figure out a way to send the people his way. (I just looked on e-bay to see if any were out there, and was amused to find a Michael Zulli drawing of a bull terrier for sale.)

And if any of you are coming in late, Tuesday the 2nd of July, I'll be doing a reading in Berkeley of the whole of Coraline, which is my new book for readers of all ages. for details...

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