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Wednesday, April 17, 2002 is an article that my attention was drawn to at the BBC site. I found myself concentrating on the way the article was phrased as much as the (very interesting) content -- and agreeing with Rich Johnston's comment right at the bottom. I mean, when young journalists like, um, me were writing the first round of "comics are growing up" articles in 1986, I don't think we expected the same approach in articles written in 2002. I start to fear that in 2020 there will be another round of "Wham! Smash! Kerpow! Comics Have GROWN UP!" headlines...

Someone e-mailed me to enquire whether I thought it was a good investment strategy to buy a Coraline Proof from e-bay. I doubt it -- there are proof collectors out there, and proofs feel like something that ought to be collectable, but on the whole they're worth the most in the months before publication to people who want to read the book. Prices spiral down at publication to about even with the book, or cheaper, then slowly -- ever-so-slowly -- creep up again. That's what happened with American Gods, anyway, and anecdotally from friends and booksellers.
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